North Country Rewards

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How do I join?
How does it work?
What purchases are not rewarded?
Do my points expire?

The Rewards Program is reset on December 31st of each year. It is important to redeem all your points for coupons before December 31st. After the expiration date, all reward point values are set to "zero", and accumulation of points begins with purchases made on January 1st.

Terms & Conditions

North Country reserves the right to discontinue or modify the Reward Program privileges and/or void all or a portion of the member’s point balance if points or coupons have been issued, received, or redeemed through human or computer error, fraud or theft, through illegal means, or in any manner inconsistent with the intent of the program. North Country reserves the right to modify or cancel the Rewards Program at any time. All points are given at the discretion of North Country. Points can be changed, removed or added at any time and hold no cash value. Any or all discrepancies are decided by management, and all decisions are final.

Employees of North Country are not eligible for the program. Anyone with a store discount for any reason will not be eligible to participate, including product vendors or those with business accounts. Points and reward coupons have no cash value. Rewards cannot be redeemed and placed on an account or converted to a gift card. Reward accounts are non-transferable. Reward cards/accounts can only be used by the original customer who joined the program, with the only exception being a member’s spouse. A picture ID may be required to redeem points or use reward coupons. Reward coupons must be used in their entirety upon presentation, or the left-over value will be lost.

Customers do not earn points from using a reward coupon, or through using any other type of discount or store coupon. A negative amount of points will be added to the rewards account when a reward coupon is used, based on the dollar value of the coupon. If the reward coupon is being used to purchase something which does not earn points, it will be applied to the next purchase in which reward points are earned. For this reason, some accounts may temporarily have a negative balance.